30/30/30 Challenge

Given my life long penchant for procrastination and an inability to finish pretty much anything I have ever started, the idea I had this afternoon seems intriguing and daunting. Moreover, the likelihood of it reaching completion seems nigh on impossible. Hang in there reader, all will be revealed in a few words time.

You see, I am one of thousands of aspiring writers constantly working on ‘that novel’, the one that will showcase my talent and creativity, and explain to those often puzzled by my randomness, why I am the way I am. However, the flaw in all of this is of course that I am, as aforementioned, one of thousands (not researched, just presumed) and therefore, I am at this point just another nameless, faceless wannabe. My USP though (that’s marketing speak for what makes me special… Or in this case a tiny bit more special than the rest) is that I do actually have professional writing experience. I have had insignificant bits of editorial published in random magazines, I have written information leaflets, crisis statements, website blurb, press releases and other drivel which should at least give me a basic ability to string a sentence together. That alone is not going to see me through to a six figure publishing deal though. Incidentally neither will a cupboard full of vision boards (thanks Oprah), motivational statements, visualisations, scrapbooks, and cosmic ordering lists (thanks Noel Edmonds), as I have discovered to my cost. Nope, no amount of imagining it, drawing it, thinking about it or reading about it will make it happen. I’ve started my novel, I’ve researched, I’ve created characters, I’ve plotted it but now I’ve lost my bottle. What if it’s rubbish? What if I don’t really know anything about writing at all? What if I’m just a bit of a twat with a bland imagination and GCSE grammar at best?

But what if i’m not at all bad, and just need to hone my skills? Practice makes perfect or so they say, wax on, wax off (thanks Mr Miyagi) right?

And so, with only a tiny hint of irony, let’s cut this long story short. I’ve challenged myself to write 30 short stories/poems, over 30 days for entry into 30 different writing competitions. Starting this Monday 19th March 2012 (would be much cooler to start 1st April but some of the deadlines are 31st March and I want to give myself a fighting chance… The Hollywood version of my story can start on April Fools Day).

Time to start thinking of some ideas for the competitions where no theme has been provided. I will be blogging about my experience, writers block, boredom, procrastination, competition results etc. If anyone happens to start following this blog (oh c’mon, you only need to keep it up for 30 days and to be fair you don’t have to write anything) and would like to donate story themes then go ahead. All intellectual property remains mine though, and no credits, royalties, prizes or other benefits or rewards will be given… I might mention you in my Oscars speech though when the story of my adventure gets turned into an academy award winning movie. As with all works of fiction, any similarities to persons, places, characters, events living or dead and all at blurb is a complete coincidence.

So that’s it, time to start. Or maybe I should just mop the kitchen floor first…


7 responses to “30/30/30 Challenge

  1. All the best with the challenge. Mine is currently to finish first draft of novel two by April. 105k in and nearly there. It doesn’t help that it’s needing a change of end plot with a few days left. Hopefully, once done, I can re-edit book one, then go onto doing an edit for number two and maybe one day, somebody will want to publish my bloomin books.


  2. Should we now call you Julie or Julia (Powell/Childs)? Ok, so you will cook up a storm of words. Will we see you depleted after 30 days, lying on the floor, your fingers bruised and bloody, your brain completely melded, left and right sides fused together – but published? Go for it!

  3. I really enjoyed reading this. You definitely have talent in writing. I was hooked the whole way through. Go for it. I know exactly what you are feeling and I know the frustration and the procrastination. This is a great idea. I shall catch up with your progress so far and follow your blog.

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