Prep and landing

So, I admit it. I did go off and mop the kitchen floor first, but I stopped myself from moving on to the ironing, though mostly because I hate it.

Over the last 18 hours or so, I have been researching, planning and prepping ahead of my big adventure. I’ve whittled down the list of competitions I plan to enter, and now have 30 plus two reserves in case I get writers block. Included are a careful selection of innovative, traditional, engaging and challenging choices as well as some that feature the added benefit of being free to enter… I have no budget for any of this, and yet the tally for entry fees so far stands at near on £100! I may be required to write short stories, poems, letters, screenplays, radio plays, stage plays and even answers on a postcard. Seriously, there is a competition for postcard fiction.Oh and apparently I might also need to flash a little. That is to say write flash fiction (relieved, I hung up my raincoat once I’d figured it out).

It looks likely to be an interesting few weeks with competition themes including sci-fi fantasy, sports, the environment, women, winning, loving and living, sports, happiness and gold (although the last few are not necessarily interlinked).

Restrictions on content include the expected word count, line count, boredom thresholds as well as a few lesser expected barriers such as no porn, no violence, no abuse (reminds me of the signs they used to have on display at public swimming pools, only then I think porn was called heavy petting). My challenge is going to require me to be humorous, rythmic, serious and explorative… I even have to write one entry by text in 154 characters but without the use of txt spk – gr8, OMG woteva.

I plan to write one different entry for each different competition daily for the next 30 days assuming plague or famine doesn’t stand in the way of the practicality of this. Deadlines vary from as early as the end of March through to the end of August but given how I am doing this I will have a daily deadline of midnight each day to finish entries. Regardless of the outcomes, I will publish the entire collection of entries on this blog once all deadlines have passed and competition results announced.

Not forgetting that I’m a procrastinator, I’m going to ease myself in gently tomorrow and start with the text competition entry. If I can’t finish one lousy text I can put myself out of my misery before
I begin and save us all some time.


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