Day One


Yesterday my brain was positively overflowing with ideas for stories and poems, each one fabulously exciting, tumbling out of my mind without effort or concern. I was inspired and motivated. I’ve been trying to generate an online audience in all of the ways I can think of and was squealing at the joy of my first 36 hits, a few ‘likes’ and three new followers (thank you everybody).
This morning I have reviewed my prep notes and in blind panic I think they are all dull, predictable and useless. Soooooo, back to the drawing board… Or rather, the notebook… I am also a little concerned that developing new story ideas, creating characters and building plot lines might be a little more ambitious in one day than I thought. Let’s not forget that this challenge isn’t about rolling out any old rubbish just to get through it, or even competing to win prizes (which on the whole are only likely to scoop me a couple of book tokens and a magazine subscription). No for me this is about learning to be a better writer. It’s about turning my hand to styles and themes of writing I have never attempted before and breaking down my own barriers whilst picking up some new skills along the way. The real prize here lies in the completion of a quality novel with more substance and structure than my procrastination has allowed for thus far!
Aside from any crushing insecurities, todays competition should be quite easy, it’s TXTlit day! Just churn out a story in 154 characters (for non texters, and I can’t believe there are any, that means letters,spaces,grammar,numbers).
The brief for today is to continue the opening line from A Clockwork Orange “What’s t going to be then eh?”. Easy peasy! Sure, no problem. Except there is a slight hitch in that I am the woman who will always choose to use a thousand words when just a few will do. Plus, entries must be well constructed, grammatically correct and entertaining.
Right then, time to step off the ledge and jump right in to this thing…. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

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