The Wish Jar


A little something I just wrote for

Pressing Palms With Fairies

Pressing palms, just make a wish
You have such light inside
But soon the darkness comes again
The fairies run and hide
For hopes and dreams like fairy dust
Give power to conceive
Your wildest dreams that mean so much
A land of make believe
And then the rainbows take their vow
To float off like balloons
Perhaps there’s no such thing as luck
Nor sugar coated spoons
From which to lick the recipe
Of mammas finest treats
Just lovers lost and battles fought
Your wounded soul retreats



5 responses to “The Wish Jar

  1. This put a smile on my face as I got lost in the melody of your beautiful rhyme! That is something I have so much trouble with (rhyme) and actually there are only 2 poems in my book that are! But you, you are flawless! I envy that gift! Your words melt together and flow without feeling forced and all that is left is this beautiful, magical story! i adore it and am proud to have it in my Wish Jar!

    Thank you for your offering! xox

    P.S….write for me anytime!

    • Well thank you that’s very kind of you, although I am now a little embarrassed (a very British response to a compliment!). I’m a real newbie to poetry and prose (and short stories, playwriting, and novel writing) so this could well be beginners luck but you’ve encouraged to keep playing with it so thank you xx

  2. Thanks Amy, that’s really kind.Only 29 days left of my 30/30/30 challenge, so I think I might have to include a few more poems in my competition entries then. It’s nice to learn that you have a skill you never knew you had! I’ve just become a follower of your blog, great Shel Silverstein.

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