Day Two

Well yesterday was a bit of a roller coaster. Eased myself in with a bit of TXTlit (always makes me giggle, don’t know why) which was painless enough. However, when reviewing my list of competitions to try and narrow down which one I would attempt today I was hit by a crushing lack of confidence and a little bit of procrastinators… Ahem… Writers block.

I am the queen of bright ideas, I get all fired up and carried away in the name of proactivity and before I know it I’m committed to something I later regret. The last time I did this I almost found myself singing in a local pub band doing rock covers… Fortunately I could bottle out of that one without any egg on my face as nobody knew about it except for me, my husband and my best friend. I have been very lucky to generate some interest in my latest challenge… Hits rising from 18 to er..49 yesterday but imagine if those hits were actual people sitting in a room watching and waiting for me to write, that’s a lot of pressure. Then imagine those people are each holding stopwatches, timing you to see how quickly you can produce some literary magic. And then, as each day passes a few more people pile into the room. And it’s at that point I have to wonder if I might just suffocate.

I mean really, what was I thinking? I have to come up with an idea, create characters, build a plot line, then write, then edit, then edit again, then enter, then wait…. Then start again tomorrow. Thank heaven some of the competitions have a poetry or flash fiction category, at least they can in theory be written a little more quickly.

Which brings me nicely onto today’s competition entry, I’ve decided to go with My World Publishings competition in aid of International Women’s Day following the theme She’s the One. Once I get that Robbie Williams song out of my head I’ll get right on to the 350 poem or prose dedicated to the achievements of women throughout history. A few ideas are working their way through the fog already, I’ll let you know how it goes. I did some practice poems overnight, so take a look at the Poetry category from my home page to check them out… It seems they’ve been quite well received.

She’s the One Competitiom


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