Day Three

Yesterday’s competition entry was finally completed with the submission of a poem all about women in history, which was ironic as I had completed and sent it before I realised that it was my turn to host book club last night. And so I found myself surrounded by a group of wonderful, diverse, spirited and talented women, wondering why I hadn’t waited to write my piece until they’d all gone home and I could truly reflect on what it is to be a woman making history every day. Ok I’m no Boudicca but I, like all women, leave a trail of history every time I think, act or speak. Whether I’m being a friend, mother, wife, warrior, teacher, counsellor, confidante, poet, novelist or even a blogger I’m creating an imprint on the people and spaces I occupy. Even where I sit now at my kitchen table in an historic rural village, my footsteps are replacing (or maybe building on…?) those trodden by generations of women before me, whose children have played where mine do now, whose friends have gathered where mine did last night. Anyway, you get the picture! It just moves me to think that I will make my mark and then it will melt away to make room for somebody else’s. I feel another poem coming on….

Today is Day 3 then, and after all the yumminess of writing about nice things like how great women are, and the simplicity of a one liner for the TXTlit competition on the first day, it’s time to get down and dirty and start writing something that takes a little more investment. So it’s in at the deep(er) end with a crime writing competition today, crikey! This entry is for the British Thyroid Foundation and the theme is ‘Go for the throat’, ooh very dark and mysterious.

I’ve never written in this genre before so it is going to be a challenge for me, but I have a vague concept coming to mind already this morning… Let’s just hope my story isn’t a crime against the art of writing. Bloody hell, what am I doing?


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