Day Four

Yesterday was a toughie. Crime writing is not my natural genre, I’ve never read a crime story let alone written one. But do you know what, I kind of enjoyed myself.

I’m starting to see small improvements in my writing style, and am learning to cut the waffle (yes I know what you’re thinking, but a blog is allowed to be a bit waffly surely?) and write more tightly. I’m understanding more about plotting and flow and I’ve even discovered an inner poet I didn’t know existed, entirely thanks to the support and compliments from followers of this blog. So thank you!

I’m trying to figure out ways to make this blog more rewarding for followers so bear with me whilst I figure out the techno bits of doing so. In the mean time, feel free to join in by putting your own poetry in the comments boxes beneath mine or indeed use my daily competition themes to inspire you. Please do keep following and sharing my blog with your friends and followers, the more of a community I can build the better for my motivation!

So today I’m choosing between a poetry contest about happiness, a short story based on the theme ‘the knock on effect’ or some sci-fi/fantasy fiction…. Find out how it went tomorrow.


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