Day Seven

One week down, three or so more to go. Anyone else surprised that I am not finding this whole challenge malarkey as easy going as I hoped it might be? Oh stop laughing into your cornflakes… It’s really not funny that I thought I could whip up a story a day for 30 days blah blah blah, especially given the fact that I have had to keep motivated in face of flu (which seems to have gone through our house like a tornado over the past few days), PMT (unfortunate), a confidence crisis and a mutlitude of dirty nappies, toddler tantrums, vomit mopping, school concerts, dinner preparation, rugby matches, and a day job…so pretty much the same as everyone else then right?

Am I looking forward to the week ahead? I can certainly say that I am entering into it with a degree of trepidation but also a modicum of excitment at what I might create. In the last seven days I have discovered my inner poet (people seem to quite like her), a committment I didn’t know I had, and a growing sense of confidence that I might not be that bad at this writing stuff after all…

PS Thanks to all of you for your support, kindness and encouraging words… Every one is motivating me to keep thinking, growing, creating, writing and that’s priceless. Keep reading, keep commenting, keep spreading the word.


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