Sunday Morning

The arc of your shoulders
Gentle curve of your chest
Eyes linger a lifetime
Hands move and then rest
To feel the breathing
In our delicate embrace
Breeze rises, then falls
As we both hold our place
Soft glow fills the room
In this Sunday’s first light
Do we let go and rise
Stand to face our true plight
For it is not as lovers
Nor parent and child
That we hide under covers
Our minds running wild
Sweet union today is body and soul
The gathering of centre
In our fight to stay whole
To break through the day
Move on and release
Spiked thoughts and misgivings
That deter us from peace
Sunday’s beginning, another weeks end
Brings a soft sweet reunion
And compassionate friend


24 responses to “Sunday Morning

  1. sunday morning sounds like the place to be…smiles…it was feeling pretty initmate in the opening…then you said it was not lovers…not parent, not child…again it could be the spiritual realm as well…regardless i find peace in the reading…nicely done…

    • I do like to add a little twist sometimes… Lovers would have been predictable I felt, but no this was more spiritual, about holding on tight to yourself and that lovely Sunday morning feeling before becoming centred and going out into the world to face all of life’s ‘have to’ moments that lie ahead for the week.

  2. Girl, I love this! I am not usually a fan of end rhyme, but yours is perfect. The line length, flow, and lack of punctuation really soften the rhyme. Some really great lines here, as well:

    “Eyes linger a lifetime”
    “As we both hold our place” (mmm, like in a delicious book)
    “The gathering of centre
    In our fight to stay whole”

    Great job!

  3. Beautiful and spiritual. I find that when I take the time to get centered before rising for the day, it goes much better than if I don’t.

  4. Very nice. Love the way you built the piece, slower to start but really picks up as it goes on, kind of like you do when writing a story or a script. Very nice. Thanks

  5. I’m here right now – you capture that feeling so well- that fleeting Sunday morning moment – the world outside – you inside- and dreaming- free from the coming obligations that ‘have’ to be fulfilled. So nice , so peaceful – that’s it- I’m not getting out of bed and it’s all your fault ha ha- stu mcp

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