Day Nine

Well poetry translation it turns out is fascinating, who knew?! I’m pretty confident my entry won’t win me any prizes as this competition is strictly for the super clever and I don’t think I quite fit the bill, however it was thoroughly enjoyable to explore the work of an Italian poet dating back pre 1600’s. More than translating the language, I found myself reinventing the poem to bring it up to date and it was fascinating to compare and contrast. I think I may have made too many bold changes to the original text to meet the criteria somehow that who cares, creativity shouldn’t have too many rules!

Yesterday was a whopper day for web hits for my blog, the highest number to date, so thanks again to all of you who keep checking in on me. Today I might try out a bit of Flash fiction, sounds like fun or perhaps some postcard poetry. Either way, the sun is shining so it should be an inspirational day!

PS. Check back later as I am aware that I owe you all a couple of extra poems.


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