Day Ten

Wow, we are finally into double digits on the day count. It’s been a tricky week in which illness and the needs and demands of family life have taken their toll and I have been finding it hard to keep up with the challenge, the blogging and the extra bits of poetry I have been posting to keep you all coming back for more.

So yesterday I went for postcard poetry as I simply didn’t have the time to work on a full 2,000 word story or even a piece of flash fiction, however I enjoyed writing my crime story so much last week that I want to get my teeth into something a bit meatier (albeit manageable) today. So I have an idea for a page turner inspired by a character in a long winded but story telling poem I had written prior to this challenge. I’m going to take him and meet the brief of today’s competition to write 400 words of the most gripping first page of a story. That’s an unusual one but I like to idea of whipping the reader into a frenzy and then walking away… And given that I struggle with procrastination it should be right up my street to move onto something else, leaving this job unfinished!

My little poem today is a simple one about my favourite place to sit and write on a sunny spring day… ‘My Side of Bed’ is not my deepest darkest work but it was fun and it is where I am pursuing my writing journey from today. The bed is made you understand, I’m not so lazy as to still be lying in it at almost midday!


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