Sea in Silver

The sea, a silver mill pool
Awash with memories sweet and salty
Of holidays and happy times
Lost loves and worried wives
Lives. Drowned out, torn asunder
By fierce will and ferocious swell
Tides turn tables with wild abandon
Sea glass hearts amongst the wreckage
Tossed against the ragged rocks
Then cloud breaks, the sky clears
Calm returns and heaven is reflected
In the sea, a silver mill pool


29 responses to “Sea in Silver

  1. welcome at dVerse vanessa…and much enjoyed the poem you brought to the table…the up and downs of life…the rocking of the waves..the breaking and getting calm and whole again…life’s just like that..right..? smiles

  2. Got to agree with the others. This is a really well-written piece, capturing the moods of the sea, from tranquil to threatening and worse. Really enjoyed reading it – more than once!

  3. Hey! and welcome to @dVerse! really enjoyed this poem- there is something about the sea that can conjure such a range of emotions- such as fear, hatred, love, romanticism- its been a subject for artists throughout the ages- but i really enjoyed your own voice in this- and in particular- “Sea glass hearts amongst the wreckage”- its spoke to me about our frailities in the sea of life- how easily things can get washed up upon the shore. great to see you here! hope to see you again!

    • Thank you for your comment, and love, love, love that you picked up on the sea glass hearts. Sea glass is something I search for with my children every time I’m at the beach (often) and so it has lots of emotive meaning for me and yes there is total fragility. Hope to see you back again some time soon.

  4. The sea is my favorite place for reflection and enjoyment of power beyond comprehension. You capture so much of those moments that will bring us closer to our selves, our awareness of those moments that have passed and yet remain alive.

    • Thank you so much.Lovely to have you visit.Feel free to wander around, make yourself comfortable, and comment as often as you want… I’ve only recently started so am keen to spread the word and get lots of useful feedback.

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