Day Twelve

Yesterday was a lovely day glittered with silver and gold… No not a lucky day on the lottery, but a lovely at spent beside the sea writing my latest poem for this blog, followed by an evening watching the sunset as I penned a competition piece around the theme ‘Gold’. Lovely indeed!

Today I am planning to write a short story competition entry that doesn’t specify a theme. So, having wandered off in search of my own inspiration I decided to use blogger Kellie Elmore’s Free Write Friday to start me off. Undecided which of her lovely prompts to go for but will enjoy having a rummage.

Now I am beginning to consider myself a bit more of a proper writer sort, I picked up the April edition of Writing Magazine and hope to find the time.. Ha, ha, ha, I know, to flick through it later or maybe over the weekend I can get comfy on my side of the bed

Did anybody notice that I seem to have figured out how to put links into my blog posts… Feeling very tecchy and pleased with myself! Have a great Friday, keep checking in for more updates and poetry over the weekend.


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