Day Seventeen

Thought I would recap today on what I have written about so far as I am struggling to choose today’s competition.

So, there has been crime fiction, flash fiction, horror and sci-fi (at which I failed), micro poetry, short stories, poetry translation and the beginnings of a novel. I have written about happiness, gold, going for the throat, women, Cornwall, a rendezvous and even Christmas!

To date I haven’t had any news of competition success just yet, as I am still waiting for deadlines and judging periods to pass but some results are due in later this month. My expectations aren’t high… That’s honesty rather than pessimism! I’ve never been very good at winning things, right from entering Blue Peter colouring competitions to the egg and spoon race at school. I’ve spent more than I’ve ever won on lottery tickets and I’ve only ever bought a handful in my lifetime…so the odds are stacked,but maybe, like the hero of any good story, I will beat my protagonist Lady Luck and come out on top against all odds! Ha ha ha, unlikely but it’s fun trying.


2 responses to “Day Seventeen

  1. I think it’s great to ‘have a go’ and live in hope! but it also reminds me that, when i started writing poetry, my daughter encouraged me to enter the annual National Poetry Competition – and I feel rather embarrassed about that now! I didn’t realise what I didn’t know and how far there was to travel then … but the travelling has been a fantastic experience! I still wouldn’t even get short-listed for that big comp., but I have won some small awards and there’s nothing like that thrill – except for getting to read your stuff as well! So keep at it – your life will definitely be less ordinary – and good luck!

    • I can appreciate exactly what you mean, already I feel I have taken giant leaps forward since starting this and uncovered some talents and passions I didn’t know I had. It is hard though, to move your dreams into reality. If they fail, you have no dreams left…

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