Day Eighteen

Well I’ve had lots of fun over the past 24 hours, receiving lots of lovely encouragement from followers of this blog and via Twitter. Highlights have included positive comments from The Literary Man, a surge in blog hits (a real boost after a brief slump earlier in the week), and some fantastic new ideas flooding into my head giving me a renewed drive to complete this challenge. I have also posted a new bit of my poetry for you, it’s called Dream Stall and was inspired by this little journey towards realising my dream.

Yesterday I opted for a poem along the theme of ‘Winning’ which I just about finished at the 11th hour. This morning I have created a tiny bit of flash fiction (not for competition,just for practice) for the Story a Day May Write on Wednesday challenge (a day late I know) which you can see posted in the comments section should you wish to look it up. The theme this week was ‘Trapped’ so I had a bit of fun with it.

Some exciting news to reveal today….drumroll please…. I have lined up an interview with American poet and author Kellie Elmore about her new book Magic in the Backyard released this week. Her collection of poetry penned in East Tennessee is a joy, but more than that, Kellie is great at encouraging others to enjoy their writing with prompts such as Free Write Friday. If you are at all inspired why not give it a try yourself this Friday?

Not sure what I’ll do today, possibly a story along the theme of ‘One Day’ which keeps calling me from the list. And lots of competition admin to catch up on… Sometimes sending the cheques and entry forms off takes longer than the writing itself! Thank heavens most entries can be sent by email these days. Thanks again for your support, keep liking, sharing, commenting, retweeting and stopping by to see how it’s going.


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