Day Nineteen

It’s Good Friday and that is certainly how I’m hoping this sunny day is going to turn out. I’m up for a challenge today so I think I am going to tackle a competition that is widely regarded as a biggie on the literary calendar. I have no idea if I am ready or not, but I feel some creativity flowing in me so I at least feel in a good frame of mind for such an intimidating task.

I’m not ready for a short story submission on such a high profile platform, so I going to choose between either a poetry entry, max 42 lines, or a bit of flash fiction, max 250 words. Maybe I should hedge my bets and do both?!

There is no theme for today’s competition, and that is where I sometimes come undone. What if my imagination isn’t very imaginative? What if everybody comes up with something better… More original? Well that is a daily struggle for me, moving my work forward so that I create more than just a collection of pretty words. Characters, plot lines, dialogue (oh, how I struggle with dialogue! Ironic for a woman who has so much to say.) and setting are often brick walls to me. Nothing I have seems to be creative enough, and yet if I push my ideas past the boundaries I end up with something that seems ridiculous and far fetched. Is there a middle ground? I hope to discover one by the time I reach Day 30….


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