Day Twenty

Ha ha, well would you look at that?! I’ve actually stuck to something for 20 whole days, for a procrastinator like me that’s an achievement not to be underestimated.

The progress in my writing has taken me by surprise, as has this whole poetry thing. Even looking back at some of the little snippets I started out with on this blog, now pale into insignificance to the pieces I have produced for competitions and for my private collection in the last few days. Each one feels richer, bolder, more thought provoking than the last and I am energised by it. A few words of encouragement (thanks Kellie Elmore et al, #No 1 on the Amazon hot new releases chart) and I feel as though I am flying. I have uncovered something and I don’t want to hide it away again when this is over.

Weird…who would’ve thought it? Not me that’s for sure. Which in itself has led me to questioning why. Why haven’t I ever had an interest in poetry? I think I might have a theory. I recently invited an author/musician I know, who has been very supportive of my challenge so far, to check out my poetry but was met with a resigned ‘poetry is not really my thing’, and do you know what? I can completely get it. Poetry can be aloof, arty, high brow and for the select few, right? Maybe I am missing the point, I have actually stumbled across some beautiful work on blogs and elsewhere on the net, but I have also uncovered pieces that seem deliberately deranged and chaotic. Not necessarily with the method and meaning of poetry in mind, not to deliver a potent picture from a dark mind, not even to weave trickery and hidden messages, just a load of random words thrown in to a prose or verse to seemingly exclude readers from knowing what on earth is being said. I am sure I have no right to say so, but I wonder if some poets don’t want poetry to be accessible. They want to make it confusing, so that it can be the preserve of the super intelligent able to claim they have a clue what they have just read. It is just my opinion, but I thought writing was about sharing powerful feelings, painting pictures, moving people’s hearts and minds, lifting those who aspire amd grounding those who need to be humbled, provoking thought in the brains of all, not just the well educated few. Accessibility is a blessing for any art form and if more people are enabled to feel they can share in it, where’s the harm in that?

That’s just my opinion though and I am a newbie aware that some of the snippets I have put on here are amateurish at best. Perhaps I am being naive, if so I will happily eat my words and apologise to poets across the land for being an armchair expert. And crikey, who am I to speak up? Just another wannabe unpublished writer (and reader) of collectible treasures called words.


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