Day Twenty One

Yesterday I had a go at something I have never attempted before… I wrote a stage play! For someone who finds dialogue difficult, this was a really useful exercise for me and I surprised at how quickly it started flown once I got into it. I’m not sure why I find dialogue so awkward. It’s not that I don’t know what I want my characters to say, more that when I write it out it doesn’t seem to be enough, or it is too over the top, or it is just plain silly. And then I feel embarrassed, tell myself that people don’t talk like that before scrubbing it out and trying to start again. Weird huh? Especially as someone who could talk and talk and talk for hours on end, and for someone who in one of my previous lives as a counsellor has listened to others talk and talk and talk for hours on end.

If I have understood the method behind play writing correctly, my discovery was that the writer drives the story through the speech, rather than speech being injected into a descriptive narrative. The more experienced amongst you may now be screaming at your computer in frustration at my interpretation of how it works, but that’s how it worked out for me anyway.

Another great lesson learned. Not sure if I will tackle a poem today or maybe a short story I have in mind for a magazine competition. Come back tomorrow and find out…


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