Day Twenty Two

Did lots and lots of writing yesterday, including one poetry competition entry although am still debating which is the most appropriate competition for this particular piece. And then my insecurities return…. After mooching around to see what previous years winners have submitted and checking out the styles and preferences of competition judges, I was reminded how there’s no perfect formula for a prize winning poem.

Some of the winning pieces I have come across have appeared to be meaningless drivel to me, and then others that have achieved short listed status which have received some harsh criticisms from the judging panel when in fact they have moved me greatly.

So I have flitted back and forth through my collection of poetry entries and each time am pained by the fact that mine always seems so unintelligent, unimaginative and plain. Is that a flaw or is that just my style? Does it mean that my work can’t stand shoulder to shoulder with the best of them? Honestly… I don’t know. I know what I personally enjoy but just like beauty, the poetry is in the eye of the beholder.

Sure, poetry is an art form, but does it always have to be complex to evoke a response? That is maybe where styles such as micro poetry have a role to play in demonstrating that sometimes simplicity hits the mark like nothing else can.

Going to to try a short story today I think… Or maybe another play. Hmmmm.


4 responses to “Day Twenty Two

  1. I’ve been writing for a long time, and have come to understand that judges and publishers are just people. Almost always, if you write from your heart, there will be another heart to hear. Whatever you write – it doesn’t have to be the best or the most inspired, or even notable. It only has to be one thing – the next thing you write. I have no doubt you’ll do wonderfully.

  2. I used to agonise over my writing the same way… Then one day, contrary to advice I’d received, I stopped writing for other people. Obviously I still have the reader in mind, but I only write my truth, and hope the reader enjoys reading as much as I enjoy writing. I still have my insecurities, but I write much more now. Some of it crap, some good – but the main thing is to keep writing! keep on, I enjoy reading your posts. Oh yes, and although I think complex prose has its place, I prefer simple poetry too

    • Thank you for your lovely comments. Funnily enough I think that’s where I am finally getting to. I have written business copy for years and so have always dealt in gift wrapping other peoples truths. I think that is why I like poetry so much, because I can just communicate how things feel to me without having to find a story or plot to hang it on. Very liberating stuff and I’m having a ball! Thanks for taking the journey with me and reading my blog x

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