Day Twenty Three

As it turned out, I did neither story nor play yesterday. Nope, another poem! Sorry if you are finding me a little predictable and boring, believe me this challenge has not followed the course I expected it to at all. It’s just that when I rummage around in my head for ideas at the moment, all that tumbles out is poetry! I even entered one short story competition the other day with a story written in poetic verse, I just couldn’t escape it.

Yesterday in addition to my competition piece I wrote several more for a collection I am developing, and then when I went to bed I couldn’t sleep as more and more words and phrases rumbled through like an overnight night freight train. So there I was tapping notes into my mobile phone, glowing in the dark, wondering who took out my everyday brain and plopped in this new poetic one.

Not sure what else to say today, except please keep reading, liking, sharing, commenting and hopefully enjoying my little blog. It’s a bit like a private dinner party rather than a Mardi Gras type gathering at the moment (a small number of followers and only a few more daily hits) but I like to think of you as the discerning few… So thanks x


3 responses to “Day Twenty Three

  1. Some of my best work is the result of scribbling to the back of magazines by the glow of the moon shining through the bathroom window………When words come, you have to let them……. I’m relatively sure my ego sleeps from 11:00 until 9:00 so anything written during that time is exceptional!!! Who needs sleep anyway?

    • Aaah I see, that’s how it works! Ego out the back door, magic creeps in the front door under cover of darkness. Makes sense, ha ha ha. The one I wrote last night was spread across several notes on my phone, and was amongst my best so far…. Just can’t prove it yet as I am saving the juiciest ones for the judges, or at least until my collection is complete. Then I can’t wait to show everyone how much I have progressed by putting my best on the blog.

      • You got it. Yes, it’s proven. Studies show that anything you wish to accomplish that is creative in nature – should be done within the first 90 minutes after you wake up. For that little bit, the subconscious is wide awake and the ego – snoring. 🙂 I can’t wait. I know your collection will be amazing!

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