Day Twenty Four

Much as poetry has been a new blessing to me, it has cast a bit of a curse on my short story writing. Oh how I struggled with my competition entry yesterday. I know the basic bones of my story but finding the content was like trying to go fishing with a golf club. So if I tell you the truth (and it pains me to say it) but my entry was still unfinished when I went to bed last night. I am hoping that I’ll get back to it this morning with vim and vigour… But, I don’t know!

Yesterday evening I stumbled upon something called Open Link Night hosted by DVerse Poets, a fantastically friendly and encouraging initiative which gave me and others a great opportunity to discover the best of modern poetry. Poets are invited to submit a poem for sharing and then we all go and check each other out, great idea and I shall be returning next week. I didn’t have time to prepare anything new so I chose to submit one of my earlier ones from this blog entitled Sea in Silver. I will try and come up with something new next week though I think.

And so, back to the challenge. Today’s entry? I really do not have a clue, my creative ink well feels a little dry.


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