Walking In Your Darkness

Take me into your darkness
Swaddle me in senses of distress
Let me walk around a while
Soak it up, swallow it. Vile

Show me visions through your eyes
That took seed before sunrise
Deafen me with the white noise
That drills at you and destroys
Any chance of peace, crumbled
to dust, that blows in. So I, humbled
can press palm to palm
Sit with you ’til torrid is calm

Let me breathe melody into silence
Split the night of empty violence
Draw a two tone sky, ask why
But not with monotone voice
Make colour our language of choice
To sing the song of child at play
Like the piper, we’ll lure back the day

Afraid. Don’t see the stars?
I’ll light them one by one ’til brightness jars
against the black, bringing back
hope, glimpsed through the cracks
Move you to light, no retreating
Watch sun burst with glory beating
back the grey, to start anew
Begin again, find a smoother you

And when thoughts tremble on sidelines
You left unsure, mistrust that’s undefined
Let me walk with you again until
darkness returns, as you fear it will

This time face it with good counsel
Leave it only scraps and morsels
of the lost, turbulent soul you hide
Let us watch the hungry night subside
For feed it well and fuel the fire
Turn darkness into raging pyre
that will devour you, take your sight
banish day to trade with night

And if a thousand nights it takes
i’ll wait with you, watch new dawns break
day after day, they always do
each one a chance to reform, renew
One of these days the light will stay
Dark’s blanket wrapped and packed away
You my friend, will find the folds
with one free hand, the other in hold
With courage you will pat the edges
Weigh it down with weeds and dredges
then throw it and your burdens high
into a vast and reignited sky
You’ll wave and watch it disappear
The dark will find no power here

When you look back you’ll see I’m gone
the happiness you depend upon
Don’t panic though, you’ll realise
who exchanged dark for bright sunrise
My friend I might have stayed a while
but you revived your worn out smile
You. I just came along to ride
shotgun in the dark. You found the pride
It was cloaked within you all along
like recalling words of a favoured song
So spit the last few drops of venom
No comfort to be found within them
Though pains may fit like long worn shoes
Feel free to polish off your blues
When darkness comes pecking like a hen
You know the route out, uncover it again


32 responses to “Walking In Your Darkness

    • Awwww thank you. I’m really pleased to be getting so many nice comments at the moment, it’s lovely to interact. I wasn’t sure if it was a bit too mediocre when I posted it this morning, and then I went back and read it later today and now I think I am quite pleased with it. (although want to cringe at myself for even going that far, feels a bit over confident!)

      • LOL……..not at all. You should be confident (you have ever reason to be). But I can also relate. I’ll often get reviews on things I wrote years ago, and I’ve learned to NEVER open it up and re-read it. The temptation to hit delete is too strong!

  1. ok- lets not piss about. This is MY favourite piece of your yet. Seriously mean that. This just appeals to me on so many levels. Its emotion, honesty, realness- for me this poem was like looking in a mirror (as strange as that sounds) not in writing terms or anything like that- but just generally in terms of emotion. Its also fascinating- as the voice you present is multi faceted- it could be a real person, it could be the subsconscious, it could be an angel. Its also a very positive poem (although its subject is dark)- to me it talks about lifes difficulties- how we all go through it…but that actually we can all heal- we can heal ourselves…we have to. Also- loving th rhythm- just great placement and use of words that made this flow like a mutha….ok- starting to gush now. This was GREAT ok?

    • Ok! Got it. Glad you feel that way. It’s been sitting quietly in the depths of my blog for a month or so and I felt it needed to see the light of day a bit. Awesome that you got its message and the positivity in spite of the darkness.

  2. such a treasure if we are friends or have friends that sit with the other and try to understand their darkness and help them find the light again..very nice visuals in this like lighting the stars or making color the language of choice..

  3. Wow, excellent piece, this was really great and definitely one of your best. Really enjoyed the rhymes and found myself repeating them still after reading!

  4. I like that you brought light and hope, so the night and darkness fade away. I specially like these:

    And if a thousand nights it takes
    i’ll wait with you, watch new dawns break
    day after day, they always do
    each one a chance to reform, renew

    • Thanks Charles, I appreciate your honesty. I do worry about the length of poes as I know when I read others that if I’m not gripped by the first couple of stanza’s I would sometimes stop reading. This one came rambling out in a stream of consciousness so I decided to just go with it as a whole. And don’t worry, I don’t get you wrong at all and enjoyed hearing your perspective.That, after all, is why I post my work x

      • I am terrible about reading long poems. Like you, if they don’t grab me with the first few lines, I will scroll to see how long they are, and often stop reading if they’re long. I did read yours through, so that means I thought it was good!

  5. I mentor a young woman who has been in and out of jail. She needs a friend like your narrator, or a broader concept of her higher power (one that isn’t constantly shaming). Very nicely done.

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