Day Twenty Five

Only five days to go, yesterday I achieved the highest number of blog hits ever, had some wonderful comments from people whose writing I admire, and scooped up a few new blog and Twitter followers along the way… So why do I feel so flat today?!

It is possible that i’m just being ungrateful and whiny (er, possibly, ok, I know… self pity is so darned unbecoming). Sometimes trying to build interest in your writing or project can feel like trying to scale a 10ft fence to gain access to the garden of Eden when you are only 5ft 9″ (although incidentally I’m not even that tall so the odds are stacked). And when you think you’ve found a wobbly panel that might let you sneak in the back, someone nails it down before you can so much as get a foot through.

I am hyper aware of my lack of formal creative writing education, in spite of more than 15 yrs of writing in my business life as a PR and marketing consultant. When I look around at what others are doing (much of it so beautiful and clever) I simply don’t feel good enough to be here. So let me remind myself what I am thankful for in a bid to kick out the blues and dust down the cobwebs.

Inspiring people and places including my family (of course), the beautiful part of the world I live in, and the talented writers that have encouraged me so far. Kindness… That is the kindness and generosity of all of you who have taken the time to stop by and read, comment, care, share. The not so generous… I might find it perplexing to know why you keep that 10ft fence standing firm, but I thank you anyway – you make me want to try harder to prove I can jump over it if I want, and then choose to go off and start my own Eden instead.

Phew! Don’t know where all that garbage came from, I’m off to write todays competition entry, and I have no idea which one I’ll choose!


5 responses to “Day Twenty Five

  1. Don’t get too hung up on the numbers; they’ll make you crazy! (Look at my Gravatar, and you will see a prime example.) Seriously though, just write, and write what you feel. The best stuff comes from the gut and heart, and if it’s good, the numbers will take care of themselves. I like your style, and I’m going to look for one of your short stories now. Cheers!

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