Day Twenty Six

Phew! A little bit of writers block swept in on the North Easterly wind this week but I am hoping that I have just kicked it out with this mornings poem Thursday’s Thunder So having exorcised my demons, I hope I am now back on track for the weekend. Insecurity and self pity are pretty ugly traits to behold so hopefully I haven’t scared too many of you away!

Soooo on with a fun and friendly Friday folks. Now I must admit I am gutted that I didn’t pitch the winning piece for Kellie Elmore’s #FWF competition after she left such amazing comments on this blog about my entry Bluebell Princess and Aunt Alice but the winner was a corker so I can’t complain. What I can do is be thankful that it has made me want to get back in the game and work harder, write better and keep going. It’s been such a long month and having had a quick count up I realise that I have actually produced more than 60 poems and short stories in the past 26 days since I began this 30/30/30 writing challenge .. No wonder my brain was a little fried… I will be sharing as many of them as possible soon but in addition to developing my own poetry collection (under wraps for a little while longer) many of my competition entries will be disqualified if I post them before winners are announced. Almost there then, keep popping in to see me, It means so much when you do.


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