Thursday’s Thunder

The thunder cloud spits
Acid rain on raw nerves
Time to push on but
Sentiments jumble, crumble
Between locked jaw and
Sharp tongue as it lashes
back, taking me to the start
Sensing my self disdain, empty
No fuel to propel and so
quelled rhythm, no restart
A restless heart without chime
Searching for its soul mate
As sweet words melt away


8 responses to “Thursday’s Thunder

    • Absolutely spot on, resolution and release from my own inner critic, but moved on happily today! Always so generous with your kind comments, glad you are enjoying my words and hope to keep on serving up more of the same if I can x

      • Oh, absolutely! As I sometimes tell my students, ‘the only thing that will keep you from realizing every single dream you have – the only thing is you’. We have power beyond our imagination, if we can just figure out how to get past ourselves! ❤

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