Day Twenty Nine

Yesterday ended up being my second crime writing day since my writing challenge began! Not sure why I opted for another crime writing competition, but if I were to hazard a guess I think it might be because I have noticed that whatever I am writing I like to put a bit of a twist in the tale somewhere, and yesterday that kind of lent itself to the brief. Also I had been feeling a little inspired by the photo prompt I put up yesterday, so used it again to fuel my imagination for the competition entry.

The next two weeks will see some competition result notifications coming in (or not if I didn’t get shortlisted… hmmm). Even more excitingly though, I have recently been invited to be interviewed for another blog. The founder of , an short story writing initiative which runs in May, has asked me to share my thoughts on short story writing with her followers and I can’t wait. I will post the link as soon as it goes live! Thank you to everyone who participated in yesterdays writing prompt, it was just for fun but those who got involved really put in some great effort and I really enjoyed reading them all and having a go myself. I was especially pleased to see poetry author Bobbie Ward ( ) stop by to share a beautiful poem she wrote in response to the picture. If you get chance I would thoroughly recommend you visit her blog and check out her lovely words and images. So that’s it for today, tomorrow is the last day of the challenge, it’s gone so quick and I think I might just miss doing it. I guess I’ll just have to think of other things to tell you about to keep you coming back to visit!


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