The Poetry Box

A poetry box sat at my table
Unopened, plain, brown, unable
to catch my eye, or beckon me
To lift the lid so words run free
Glide past my eyes, seductive sway
Enticing me to think that way
Instead I saw, closed tight with pride
a box unwilling, its gifts denied
Until one day it opened up
I climbed inside to take a look
At first attempt I failed to fit
Saw a pathway that was dimly lit
for me at least, but once inside
I scrawled my silliness on all sides
Carved pieces of my vintage heart
like love stamps on an oak tree bark
When I looked again I realised
A poet unfolding before my eyes
Who was this modern filigree?
The girl inside the box was me…


24 responses to “The Poetry Box

    • Thank you, glad you enjoyed it. I’ve just had a little look at your blog and I like what you do… So have signed up to follow. Welcome, have a look around, hope you like some more. I was a total beginner at poetry until 29 days ago, so hopefully some of my more recent poems will appeal more than the old ones!

      • The same thing that brought me to blogging, ha ha ha ; ) I set myself a writing challenge last month to do 30 pieces of writing, over 30 days to enter into 30 writing competitions and blog about it (finish he challenge tomorrow). Seems a lot of the competitions required poetry related entries and it kind of went from there. Now it drives me crazy, keeps me awake at night and I have to take a notebook pretty much everywhere as it just keeps rattling through my brain. Still very much like writing stories too but poetry keeps tracking me down and I realise that I love it!

      • I realise that now after reading through your blog. It can be addictive sometimes. My notebook lives in my back pocket. I even bought a dictaphone the other day. Keep going for it even after the 30 days is up. The punishment is only matched by the reward.

  1. This feels filled with the joy– so glad you climbed in… This poem is so much fun… Keep writing!:)

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