Day Thirty!!

So here we are, today is the day of my swan song! This is the bit where I ride off as the sun sets on my challenge (astride a white horse obviously) with my six figure book deal in hand (ink still fresh on the signatures) and a pocket full of prize money (book tokens where cash was not offered).
I look back and wave at the crowds of supporters (they are in the distance… I am headed over to J.K Rowling’s house for brunch…ahem) whose love and good will have kept me sane throughout.

Or, er… am I actually just sitting here in my PJ’s waiting for any, even just one, competition result to come in whilst I obsessively check my blog stats to see if anyone is actually still reading? Well, draw your own conclusions but in honesty it’s a bit of both – ok, it’s a tiny fraction of one and a 100% majority of the other. The tiny fraction of course being the bit about all of the lovely supporters who have visited this blog regularly and whose kind words have honestly lifted my spirits and made this challenge so much more fun and rewarding. So today is about saying thank you, that’s it, just a simple heart felt thanks.

I think my last competition entry today will be a short story competitions based on the theme ‘One Day’ which seems oddly fitting. Wish me luck!

PS – I’m not really going to finish up here, that would be rubbish. Like any great Hollywood ending, there has to be a sequel… So keep coming back, keep following, or start following if you’re not already! Tell your friends, keep me in encores (they are good for the ego/alter-ego!) and please keep posting your own wonderful words in response to my photo prompts (they are good for humbling me when I get ahead of myself). There’s so much more to come, including a full listing of all of the competitions I have entered, regular unveilings of the entries I submitted as deadlines pass, new poetry and general updates on life after my 30/30/30 Challenge…


5 responses to “Day Thirty!!

  1. Dearest, I’m fortunate in that I’ve never known ‘writer’s block’. The reason is quite simple…I just write. Whatever I write today – it doesn’t have to be perfect or amazing, or even well done. It only has to be one thing – the next thing I write. Regardless of whether you win any competition, you’ve done something more – reached across the vast universe to write upon the tablet of the soul. You’ve given us insight into you – and that is surely a reward worth more than ribbons (or fake pictures of ribbons)! ღ Love, Bobbie

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