Lessons Learnt

Tap,tap,tap.. er hello… is this thing on?

Ok, so I’m a little embarrassed that I only managed to stay away for ooooh around 24 hours but when I noticed that people carried on visiting and commenting on my blog whilst I was gone I was flattered enough to get back to the keyboard. Plus, I really enjoy blogging and creating stories and poetry so rather selfishly I was already missing the writing (oh don’t judge me, I have been writing obsessively for the past 30 days, it would be like ignoring your best friend without reason if I were to just suddenly stop!).

I plan to blog at least a couple of times a week from here on in and maybe add bits of poetry as I feel inspired, so if you will indulge me I’d be very grateful. I think I will also start adding picture prompts on a Sunday so check in if you have the spare time to relax with some creative writing.

I thought I would start with a single statement on each blog posting that outlines one of the key lessons I learnt during my challenge. They are not about me teaching, just sharing my learning and most will probably be very obvious to you, but we all have our starting point (!) and this was mine ~

LESSON ONE – Don’t write a character or plot line that you don’t feel or care about, readers will notice and both you and they will get bored.


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