My Wanderer’s Return


As I sail new seas in search
Flow through unchartered territories
Am I the river rushing or sparkling stream
of consciousness that pulls me
This way
That way

Treading a new path as yet unclear
March in ever decreasing circles
What troubles should I pour into my nap sack
that brims with shifting sands that lead me
This way
That way

Like an abandoned child I run
Darting left to right and back again
But where to find the loving arms I seek
in wrong places, blind to signs pointing me
This way
That way

The mighty explorer returns
Back to the start with fear worn heart
Yet why do miles covered and new lands found
leave me as restless as before, looking
This way
That way

Written for Kellie Elmore’s Free Write Friday prompt



49 responses to “My Wanderer’s Return

  1. ..from where I passed, returned anew, as purple where the lilac bloomed….as light into your weary eyes, and sign against your sun…….. *sigh* I love this, Vanessa. I’m positive it was the best of all the entries………. ~ Love, Bobbie

  2. some really great touches in this…the back pack of shifting sand….the child running here and there…the repetition in this is great as well…i like ma’am

  3. made me smile a bit as this feeling rings familiar…the restlessness..the mighty explorer returns with fear worn heart but still…saw the columbus statue today in barcelona’s old port…and he may had this feeling as well..and see what he discovered…smiles

  4. I love the pic you chose for this–that signpost so perfectly fits the mood you’re projecting here–last verse especially is eloquent for me. Reminds me of a favorite U2 song–bet you know the one.

  5. I love it… It made me think about travelling, and how it hasn’t cured (so far) more than a still life would have. I love this image: “What troubles should I pour into my nap sack/
    that brims with shifting sands that lead me”… Shifting sands are still sand, and sand’s heavy so when in a bag, it forces you to remain still, where you are… I love that.

  6. Reminds me of that quotation by St. Augustine: Our heart is restless until we find our rest in you. It is interesting how we make our decisions, what influences us, what consciously or subconsciously motivates us to go here or there. The picture echoed the refrain.

  7. Love the message here….we spend our whole lives making choices….yet somehow (or for me anyway) I never seem to feel at peace. This poem spoke to me about thinking ‘too much’- what happens if I go this way, what happens if I go that way…all ‘what if’s’….maybe this is why I feel so restless…in fact…I know it is….great that you captured a feeling so universally shared….this poem will resonate with most I’m sure…great job team mcmatthews. 🙂

  8. really cool concept there. The more we see, the more we do, doesn’t satisfy us as it ought to, but pushes us onward to experience even more. Really nicely done, each stanza is very strong. thanks

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