Calling All Collaborators & Storytellers!

I have an idea… I’m sure loads of people are probably already doing something similar but I decided to do it anyway!

Instead of an individual photo prompt every Sunday, I was wondering if we could get involved in a bit of joined up thinking/writing by creating a collaborative story! The photo below is intended to inspire the opening paragraph of our first co-created short story. Everyone is invited to join in by writing up to 100 words of fiction inspired by it, but with one condition. The last line of each piece you post must end in a way that enables another person to continue the story from it the following week.

I will pick the post that I feel best drives the story forward every week and paste it under the following weeks photo prompt. Participants then use that to inspire a new part of the story to follow on from the last. We keep going and going until we reach up to 1000 words and have created one complete short story from each week’s favourite post. Sound simple enough?! Okay, so take a look then add your words to the comments box below. Go wherever you want with this, no limits on artistic interpretation… Enjoy! (please note, I reserve the right to politely remove any material deemed to be offensive.You know the kind of stuff I mean I’m sure)


Each week’s story section will be chosen on a Saturday so try and get yours in before the week is out! Look forward to seeing your story suggestions to kick start our tale this week.


9 responses to “Calling All Collaborators & Storytellers!

  1. I wasn’t prepared for this photo ~op” she replied when asked what she had done with her hair, although everyone knew she had that frizz dyed blonde just for today. ” I was on my way to get a nose piercing when the paprazzi caught me unawares”

  2. Thanks for being first up to have a go Len, great fun. Wonder what everybody else will think of…? I deliberately chose a quirky and random picture as I felt you could interpret this in so many ways, some fun and light hearted, some more serious or unnerving. Can’t wait to see everyone’s ideas!

  3. Back in her dressing pen, Bella considered her options. Even for a pig like her, there weren’t many. Entertainer. Breeding machine. Meat. She had chosen wisely — She had! She had! She was almost sure of it.
    So why did feel so dirty?

  4. Best I could tell, there was only about two days I couldn’t account for. Last I remember, I was rolling along highway 96 with the windows down, desperate to put as much road as possible between then and now. I remember feeling tired, but wouldn’t dare stop until I was too far for going back, which meant less than a half tank of gas. Anything less, and I could change my mind.

    Two days? Was it even possible, or could it have been more than that?

    I don’t know where I am, or how far I managed to get. I don’t see my car. For that matter, I don’t see a house either. So many questions, although of far more importance is whether or not this hog has eaten lately. I can only pray the scent of Prada is offensive!

    I’ve remained as still as I can, but it’s obvious I’m going to have to make the first move. “shoooooooooooo pig”

    • Ooooooh, you are good lady, damn good! Was squealing like a piggy myself when I read this, very excited to see what is coming in. As ever, you did not disappoint… Love what you do but you know that!
      *am smiling big smiles*

  5. The lady’s arms flail and Bella assumes she is inviting her for some sort of delicacy, perhaps something left over from dinner. Pigs are not too picky, Bella especially. It has been some time since having anything more than what was here when the house disappeared in the big howling wind that blew through.

    Bella pushes her nose to lady’s dress, sneezing at the smell. Mud spatters the bright color, the lady flailing once more falls in a loud splat in thesoft wet ground and begins keening. Her wail sends Bella to a safe distance.

    A crow flutters its wings as it lands on an over turned bucket. Its head flitting back and forth capturing both woman to pig in the gleem of its eyes.

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