A Question of Rewriting the Script

If I could write my own script over
Would I plot the epic
Predict my unpredictable twist
Would I showcase my protagonist
Scribe dry witted dialogue as tonic
laced with gin, a dash of sliced lime

Perhaps counteract the rise with fall
Shrink the small, or magnify the hook
Dangled on steely fishing line
to reel you in or catch red herrings
Dust the bones from my closet
Open my robe, flash a little leg

Enter stage left, in cameo role
Show you where I begin, story threads
Would I open with the blood bath
or lead a merry dance, entrance you
Scene by scene, walk you along
littered path, tragedy or triumph at my feet

Maybe start over, write something pretty
Palatable characters, easy to digest
Like fresh baked biscuits, soothing senses
I could edit out the creases, soften scars
Sprinkle star dust, trail sweet nothings
Emitted from the lips of my cast

Reinvent my wheel, oil it’s motion
Paint my wagon through the footnotes
Wave spangled banner as my header
Like real life, but brighter, yes
What would happen at the end
Cliffhanger or iced gem sunset

Though that is where the tale tumbles
Impossible to choose when all I know
is the version of truth I travelled here with
Dog eared pages with curled edges
But the content familiar, well thumbed
The script that prompted this perfect question

If not allowed to be exactly me
where would I gain such insight to ask?


11 responses to “A Question of Rewriting the Script

  1. i would be afraid if i was given the pen to write script honestly…or rewrite it…i guess i do have the power to write what is still coming, in some sense…

  2. I guess hindsight is a wonderful thing….so many things that life throws at us…there’s plenty that I wish I could rewrite- but I guess you’ve gotta suck it up. This reminded me of all my car crash relationships, bad decisions, and just all the times I wanted life to just relent, just a for a little while. This is beautifully written, little rhyming hooks, great metaphor and imagery- id love to ‘start things over, write something pretty’- great great lines

    • But if it relented, you wouldn’t have the fuel for your creativity right? So leave it be I say! As tempting as it is to rewrite,the bad stuff has made me better in a myriad of ways I hope! Nice to exist in a skin that has been lived in and stretched out a little. Thanks for your kind comments.

  3. ….but ahhh……look at where you are…..the beautiful paradise that emerged from the pieces you might have thrown away…….. This is more than what’s left over – it’s destiny – the pieces you begin with. Absolutely fantastic, Vanessa! ~ Love, B

  4. fantastic. really made me think. found myself wanting one more verse, saying i wouldn’t change anything but wish i had been more kind along the way.

    • Glad it got you thinking, and I like that you wanted to continue the debate for yourself… Feel free, use it as a prompt for yourself and go ahead, pick up your pen and continue it! It’s interesting, for me it was more about would I exchange all the impactful experiences I’ve had for an easier edited version of my life, but you are not the first one to look at it in more of a ‘things I wish I could do over’ kind of way. I think its great that you have been able to find your own interpretation. thanks for taking the time to read, enjoy and comment on it!

  5. Beautiful write! I love it, and love the idea of a do-over!
    And here is an idea for a trailer, should you decide to make the movie: You, uttering dry witted dialogue laced with Gin while flashing a little leg and promising sweet nothings from the bed of your painted wagon as it races toward a cliff, then with sudden insight screaming, “CUT, CUT!”

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