Collaborative Story – Part 1

Thank you for taking my piggy by the tail and getting to grips with last weeks story prompt. Lots of fun interpretations to choose from, but eventually I opted for the opening that I felt offered the most scope to continue the story in a variety of different directions. So let’s see where we can go next shall we? Using this weeks photo for inspiration, follow on from the lovely words submitted by Bobbie Ward and give me up to 100 more of your own to move the plot along. Share with as many friends as you can and let’s see how many people we can get involved! Content is selected on a Saturday so don’t leave it too late. Enjoy x


Best I could tell, there was only about two days I couldn’t account for. Last I remember, I was rolling along highway 96 with the windows down, desperate to put as much road as possible between then and now. I remember feeling tired, but wouldn’t dare stop until I was too far for going back, which meant less than a half tank of gas. Anything less, and I could change my mind.

Two days? Was it even possible, or could it have been more than that?

I don’t know where I am, or how far I managed to get. I don’t see my car. For that matter, I don’t see a house either. So many questions, although of far more importance is whether or not this hog has eaten lately. I can only pray the scent of Prada is offensive!

I’ve remained as still as I can, but it’s obvious I’m going to have to make the first move. “shoooooooooooo pig”


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