A Poet All Along…


I have been working on a very personal collection of poems reflecting some significant events from my past. As regular followers of this blog will know, my passion for poetry has come as a bit of a surprise to me and since I started tapping away at regular pieces I have often thought to myself ‘who do you think you are calling yourself a poet?‘. However, having finalised my collection just yesterday, I stumbled upon something very magical, emotional and a tiny bit extraordinary to me. My son happened to be rifling around in a cupboard (he’s 2yrs old, that’s what they do!) when I noticed he had pulled out an old diary that had belonged to my mother. A small scrap of paper had slipped out of it and was lying on the floor by his side. When I opened the paper, I was touched to find that it contained a short piece of poetry I had written as a child. More specifically, I had written it to go with the flowers I would be laying at her funeral. I was 11 years old. Four simple phrases to sum up the loss of a lifetime, and I don’t recall writing it. It was my handwriting though, and was even signed by me before someone must have tucked it in that diary waiting for me to rediscover it. So timely that I found it when I did, and just the confidence boost I needed. I had been a poet all along, it was just my memory of it that had got lost under all those years of trying to move forward. Anyway, thought that was worth sharing x


14 responses to “A Poet All Along…

  1. The only requirements to be a poet ~ to be able to hold a pencil or pen, and to love. You allow those two, and the rest takes care of itself. For me, I’m glad you got those two down! ~ Love, B

  2. A little piece of us goes into whatever genre we pen and self~ doubt inevitably comes along, how sweet that you were able to discover the new message from your mother saying” here my daughter don’t doubt , look at what you wrote for me”.

  3. this is a lovely discovery…and by the way…my son is 19 now but he still rifles around in cupboards..just saying…smiles

  4. This is so amazing…hold on to those words every day- seriously…. To find this must have blown your mind…

  5. Don’t ever doubt that you’re a poet! This was clearly a sign to show you that you truly are and have been for years …
    What a remarkable discovery though! Don’t you love finding those little things to remind us of what was important to us and what we were like as children? 🙂

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