Splintered Truths of a Poet

Written especially for dVerse Poets Pub Open Link Night

Oh to inhabit the voice of my pencil
Chew it down, then spit splintered truths
From the mouth of my insolent child
Speak poetry from the depth of its roots

Let vocabulary run wild on my tongue
Erase the mistakes of myself and others
Velvet toned monologue instead of the lead
Use my soul’s echo to champion my brothers

Perhaps mine to return to the mask of my pen
Ink well, all’s well, dribbled lightly on page
Torn denim turned elegant in a tuxedo of scribe
Or etch surrender through hard lines as I rage

Whichever my tip, of tongue or of pen
First I’d move through a loving parade
Roam my observatory, pay in currency of mind
Move to final flourish in angry tirade

Loved ones or lost ones would know my stance
On such matters of morals and art
My politics in poetry lined up to defend
The mutterings of head and of heart


25 responses to “Splintered Truths of a Poet

  1. smiles..i’d say rage on and continue to spit splintered truths…we poets should surely do just that…and i really like when the vocabulary runs wild on the tongue…smiles

  2. Yes…….the very best is written when we never take a moment to think about it. The only good advice about writing is ‘shut up and write’…….. 😀 Love it, Vanessa.

  3. Seriously- becoming a big big fan of your words….the reason I love this? It’s real….and i relate to it….sometimes I want to destroy things with words but fail and I chew that pencil until its a stump. Other times….they just fall out…. But love the but about wanting others to know your poetic stance….many of my friends/colleagues just don’t get it….I find it self defining as you’ve written….this is very very good indeed

  4. Beautifully constructed. The poem is the metaphor, the metaphor the poem and the poet. The circle of life and the life of the poet caught in the center where time is now and verbs are always in the present tense.

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