Majestic sea rolling out like a welcome mat
Inviting me to tip toe into your fray
Wish I could command your beck and call
with stormy palms churn, take control
Reel you in, to greet my ghosts with grace

Might I tuck you up in your queen size bed
Plump foam and froth pillows
Infuse you with the warmth of a bubbled bath
Sprinkle traces of tin foil that glisten on your crest
in reflection of the star studded night

But your waves fold around me
drowning me out until I surrender in your arms
And for a moment we are one, equal
until you remind me who is in charge
So I submit and let you destabilise my heart


17 responses to “Drowning

    • Thanks. I didn’t start out with a dark or sad poem in mind at all, but I just went where the water took me and this is where it ended up. Found the photo in an old collection which happened to fit right in!

  1. Oh I loved this, really did! You write beautifully – studying literature, perhaps? And that photo, oh god – what have you taken it with, some kind of underwater camera or iPhone or what? Well done, keep on the good work xx

    • Aaah if only, no not studying and never have studied literature. Just an accidental poet quite new to all this, but thoroughly into it and loving it.
      Would you believe that the photo was taken many years ago using a disposable underwater camera, just tweaked it a bit with Instagram (my new best friend!) Thank you for your kind words, lovely to connect with you over wordpress xx

      • Well I’m impressed since I’m going to start with a English combined with Film&Media degree at university in September! Poems are wonderful – I found them myself just a year or two ago and now can’t get enough of them. You really seem to have a talent so keep on writing!

        And did you really? Wow! I thought about the possibility for a fraction of second but wasn’t really sure. Now I need to get down to Boots asap.. haha. Instagram is so much love – I always play with it on my friends’ phones. Should probably buy an iPhone, too.

        It’s great to meet new people through the blogging world! Take care xx

  2. Each of us is always equal, but we submit in our own pretty ways. I am not sure I found it as dark as others. There is definitely a level of eroticism in the moment where we all become destabilized wrapped in the waves of another. Excellent poem! Thanks for sharing.

  3. This was unexpected and powerful. I like the realization that they are one, that is equals, until the inevitable intrudes and re-establishes two different beings. Wonderful writing.

  4. Your imagery is astounding. I particularly love the second stanza…completely enveloped me in the visual! Nicely done! Thanks for adding this beautiful piece to my FWF, Vanessa! ♥

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