image adapted from an original by Grace Robertson

Bring out your dead, bring out your dead
Hang them from the washing line
Stop them pounding through your head
Show them everything’s just fine

Let the wind flow through old souls
Blast away your ash drowned tears
Smash the black of bitter charcoals
Memories gathered in lost years

Or pull them close, inhale the scent
Perfumed linens you once knew
Then sing for birds your heart’s lament
Blend your sorrows with morning dew

And as the sun dries withered spirit
Wrap cling film around your heart
Protect and shield the hurt within it
Air swells breeze to bring fresh start


12 responses to “Closure

  1. Love never leaves us (nor should it). We should embrace both the joy and the sorrow the same, for both become a part of who we are. Sorrows are like the memories you hide in an attic – old love letters from relationships that failed, photos of dead relatives, toys from a long ago childhood. Out of sight is out of mind, but somewhere deep inside you know they still exist. And you also know that you’re avoiding them. The more we embrace life (regardless of the disappointments or heartaches), the more we realize that time has a way of taking care of us. The very act of living is much like the tide – eventually, we look down and realize just how much of the worst is gone. ~ Lovely as always (and obviously, very inspiring). ~ Always, Bobbie

  2. Wow–this is very, very well done. Thanks for sharing it with me. I tried to do the below:

    Wrap cling film around your heart
    Protect and shield the hurt within it

    and ended up with a 17-year writer’s block because of it.

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