Rainbow Days


If little ones could see round corners
Watch life’s consequence unfold
Look out for signs been sent to warn us
Memories made through stories told
Perhaps the play would turn to work
Wild abandon changed to dross
The tricks that make old folks berserk
Rolled to innocent moments lost

Should chasing tigers down stream, up river
Turn the water into drowning
Make Eskimos and polar bears shiver
Leave the mouths of werewolves howling
For in the knowledge of reality bites
Even vampires hide spiked teeth
Wizards and warlocks run in fright
At soured secrets hidden beneath

With gum drop breath on tender tongue
Such Utopia must fade
Nursery rhymes in whispered song
Dirty faces on parade
Some day the wanderlust of youth
Time shared with a new best friend
Will reveal all childhoods sorrowed truth
Rainbow days must surely end

Written for dVerse Poets Pub Poetics


22 responses to “Rainbow Days

  1. Perhaps all the dragons in our lives are princes who are only waiting to see us act, just once, with beauty and courage. Perhaps the things that scare us are, in their deepest essence, something helpless with only desire for our love. Perhaps we are the ones sent to save rather than be saved…… ~ Lovely work, Vanessa. ~ Bobbie

  2. no…no…no…i wont let it end…and i def dont want to see around corners because if that day is coming i would rather it mow me over like a truck i never see…ok so maybe i am in denial…but i dont want to grow up….and maybe that is what scares me just a little…

    • I love how so many of the people commenting on this one are protesting about it… so many Peter Pan’s, it makes me laugh. Don’t be scared, the good thing about being a grown up is you get to go back and behave like a kid when you want to, and enjoy all the fun stuff they save just for adults…. Ha ha, and by that I of course mean driving, staying up late, getting a job, reading very clever books and so on ;)) …ha ha ha x

  3. i don’t want it to end either…those gum drop breath times…smiles…there’s so much magic in childhood that i don’t wanna lose completely…

    • I don’t think we ever can really leave our childhoods behind, be they positive or negative…. And if we are fortunate enough to have had plenty of happy memories then I think we made it through and did ok didn’t we? Xx

  4. I hope there will always be a part of me that is permenantly play and never work.
    I really enjoyed this Vanessa, I’m glad you joined in the wild rumpus!

  5. Well, it must end, and we must learn to allow the truths of childhood to inform the challenges of experienced adulthood. Childhood forms us, no doubt, and those dreams and imaginings should enable us to mold a self that is always aware and open new realities, new experiences. Excellent poem to remind us of these things.

  6. Must it end? It saddens me that it does…..well..maybe not comlpletely….but nothing ever truly remains the same….something about the adult world that becomes so serious- so heavyweight….this makes me think about Christmas (strangely)- I always want to capture that feeling that once was- sadly- I always fail….really well written and thoughtful…albeit a bit sad (but I’m afraid I have to say true- even though we might protest!)

    • Don’t shoot the messenger… I’m not the childhood snatcher..ha ha ha. No no, that’s not me, but perhaps I am a reality checker and that’s a bit of downer sometimes! Though if I took you back to Christmas then I am sure there must have been a few lines that got sprinkled with cinnamon during the write up!

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