The Impatience of Wanting More


Waiting… waiting… always waiting
or at least that’s how it seems
as my foot draws circles from restless legs
Sitting here, or there, bound to this chair
Standing in line, pacing the shore
like wind chimes, floating on a breeze
created by somebody else’s motion
(not mine) no way for me to make my move
So, treading treacle I drown in monotony
Lie down and watch the letterbox flap
gaping, empty and resigned as it
creaks a reply to my question
‘Is it my turn yet?’
Unknowing, my anxieties keep growing
as the pendulum shifts on its axis, to and fro
hours, days, and weeks pass in my hope
that what hangs in the balance will
show itself, like the seeds sown in spring
My patience worn thin, impetuous now
I jump and flail, seek attention that will not
be mine, not this time…
So I’ll just keep waiting… maybe tomorrow
the sun will shine a spotlight
…and it will finally be my turn

Written for dVerse Poets Open Link Night


37 responses to “The Impatience of Wanting More

  1. ugh…i hate waiting honesly…i have the patience of a gnat sometimes…i am working on that…smiles…i have a hard time thinking that if i wait my moment will come…unless i make it….

  2. Fantastic Vanessa! I can see myself, eyes peeping out the mail slot in anticipation of my next rejection 😦 Leave it to me to take it there, eh? Your words have engaged those parts of my mind where impatience reigns, and my toes are tapping as I type this (nervous habit!) Awesome share for OpenLinkNight…you’ll have much love for this piece! See you soon

    • Thank you so much…I took it there too, although it also reflects the many times spent waiting for my husband or the children or whoever else I place more importance on than myself! Funny how I can stop my own clock to enable somebody else’s to tick on….

      Ironically I’ll be sat waiting for those pub doors to open for another few hours!

  3. Lovely, Vanessa. The only thing worse is watching for an email – hitting the refresh button – sending an email to yourself to make sure it isn’t broken – check your spam folder – refresh – logout – logon – *sigh*…….. The teapot whistles! – Love, Bobbie

  4. ah that sounds familiar…and patience is not my first character strength…ugh…sometimes it’s just time to go small steps but they will lead us somewhere as well..

  5. Excellent piece, strange how those things we hold up high always take longer to arrive. Waiting for someone to come home or a letter to finally turn up.
    Really enjoyed this Vanessa! Fantastic poem!

  6. Wow, yeah I can really relate to this. Maybe there needs to come a time where we stop waiting but actually make something happen? I once heard a saying–“Why wait if you can take action to making it happen now?” Maybe that needs to be our motto. 😉

  7. It is for those who wait, who find the discipline, will come to know what the waiting is for . . . and in the meantime, find the joy in knowing it.

    Nicely written . . . I had no trouble wading through it.


  8. Waiting can be difficult and you’ve shown this with your beautiful words… but it’s also worth it most of the time. = )

  9. I was going to ask what is the writer waiting for but, I see the answers from your comments. If there is one thing I wish my teen had a whole bucket load of, and that is patience. I need the patience of Job to deal with her impatience! LOL
    Nicely said.

  10. Waiting for a letter, waiting for acceptance,mwaiting for the literary gods to hold us in high esteem! This is a feeling that we have all experienced and want to experience (even those who protest to much). Just remember, if you can evoke an emotional response in just 1 person through your words, then that’s mission accomplished- because life goes on , poems will always get written and words will always heal. Just know that every single poem ive read of yours has had that effect on me. Never give up

  11. I do hope tomorrow will bring your turn! I like waiting for some things, but not others. Waiting for answers is hard. I recently had a bunch of emails that went missing after I hit send; found out I was waiting for nothing. Now I bcc them to myself, so I know they’re going through, but that doesn’t mean they don’t go into the other person’s spam folder. Waiting, sigh.

  12. “So, treading treacle I drown in monotony…”

    Resigned to resignation…waiting indefinitely for confirmation.
    Think we can all relate to some extent. Excellent word choice, Enjoyed reading!

  13. ooh, yes, i could feel your frustration! patience is such a tough one… i’m not very good at it at all. great job conveying the emotion through your words!

  14. A breeze created by somebody else’s motion. I like that concept, it set the tone for me, waiting, waiting, for that one thing. And it felt like more than waiting, not empty, but a waiting with anticipation unwavering. I enjoyed this much.

  15. The older I get, the more I realize we spend our whole lives waiting, when we should be enjoying right now–each moment. For instance; I am enjoying writing this comment to you, and hoping it encourages you, and puts a big smile on your face. Right now–in my life–this moment, this hope, is all that matters.

    My old dog goes out in the back yard, and she will walk around, sniffing the ground, then when she’s found the perfect spot, she will flop onto her side, rollonto her back, and push herself around, wriggling and writhing, with a big ol’ upside doggie grin on her face. At that moment, all she knows is, this feels awesome! I call it her drop and roll, and I think that’s how we should enjoy life. When we come upon the good stuff–there’s lots of it, too–we should drop and roll, and just enjoy the moment. (umm, don’t literally drop and roll, okay–unless it’s in the back yard and you have a privacy fence. People will look at you real funny.)

    Beautiful poem, Vanessa! Enjoy it! I did!

    • Ha ha, you do indeed always put a smile on my face. I know what you are talking about, in fact I spent some time reading A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle which follows that message of being in the moment, and when I do it, life is always easier, even during bad times… but it does take discipline and I often forget to do it or just find myself too invested in the preoccupation. Life is a funny old game!

  16. Love Charles’ ‘drop and roll’ advice, inner peace, living in the moment, is excellently modeled by our furry friends. What is the Zen of waiting; when is it good to assert; when is it better to accept; why do we want something; is it our insecurity that demands; will we be fulfilled when we get it or simply be impatient for the next desire? Thank you for the thought provoking read.

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