Sky Falls With My Mockingbird


I want to write of love songs
but every time I try
my sun pulls on his overcoat
and thunderclouds roll by
Is it that I’ve seen too much
in bitterness and lies
or times I felt i’d watched a world
from up where black crows fly

I know so much of passion
studded poppy fields of love
Wild flower littered meadows
and of archetypal doves
that soar above the lilacs
nestled ‘neath a dusty moon
I’ve sat with arms around me
tickled pink by heart felt swoon

I know the laugh of children
born and grown from my own swell
And felt the touch of raindrops
on the tip of tongue as well
I’ve wrapped myself in rainbows
carved my name in old oak trees
walked barefoot on the beaches
yet what washes up for me
is often something darker
quietly trembled in my truth
The comfort of my duvet
promptly followed me since youth

It hides under the mattress
lies awake with me at night
creeps into dreams and crevices
I’d kept hidden out of sight
I didn’t notice it at first
but now it sings to me
in melody, my mockingbird
come to haunt my poetry


14 responses to “Sky Falls With My Mockingbird

  1. sad…but beautiful…
    and I understand for it is where I am these days…
    Thank you for putting into words ….
    Take Care…

      • I am trying? I don’t like that word but it fits now…
        Thank you again…I liked seeing my thoughts in your words…
        makes me think I am not so crazy after all…
        Take care…

  2. Oh…I know well this feeling…I want to write of love songs too…funny thing is, as your words draw to a close…you discover…you have written of love songs…wonderful!

  3. the mockingbird that haunts my poetry…oy…love the barefoot and children playing…love is a prickly pear you know….warm with sharp edges at times as well…smiles.

  4. I love this, Vanessa. The mockingbird ~ that’s your song ~ never ever pretend it isn’t there for through it ~ your best work will come. And I’ll be waiting! Even if that means working past the works with sharp teeth and razors! ~ Love you, B

    • Thank you Bobbie, I am certainly conflictual if nothing else, some days loves song and some days sorrow and angst but hopefully always heartfelt…. which reminds me, have you read the Uncovering Eden piece I’ve just done. You are certainly one of those for whom I write xx

      • I did read it (just now) and absolutely love it……….it speaks with such incredible emotion………..and such insight…….I am in awe……… ~ Love, B

      • well no need to be in awe (it’s only me after all), but do know that you are very much one of those I dedicated it to.Lots of love and thanks to you Bobbie, for your inspiration, encouragement and beautiful talent xx

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