Bitter Lemons

I can feel it squirming inside

this seed of retribution

and I loathe myself for it

Knowing the green eyes

through which it seeks to destroy


As it bubbles and blisters

at my shoulder, nips my heels

to hasten me forward,

whilst pulling me back in to

this dance I do with the devil


I mean no harm but its

meaninglessness corrodes

my head, my heart, my poet

So I choke it back with a grimace,

the sharp taste of bitter lemons


10 responses to “Bitter Lemons

  1. Ahhh, the green eyed lovely. 🙂 I’m certainly not beyond it although I despise it as you do. I often look back on choices and question my motives. I suppose I know that emotions have taught me to pay attention and lean in when I’d rather fall apart or run away. They tend to show me exactly where I’m stuck. A dear friend not long ago mentioned his hurt with a relationship that had gone wrong, and he was sure a third party was involved such that he was going to ‘go over there and burn the house down’. 🙂 To which I replied, ‘well, it’s quite possible that she didn’t realize you loved her that much – once you burn down the house, I’m certain she’ll run right home – if nothing else, for a place to live’. My power (your power) is that which makes us different. I’ve learned that I can’t compete with someone else because (quite simply) I’m not someone else. The upside, of course, is that they’re not me…… I find I do much better when I just stick to being me. I love this, Vanessa, and apologize for rambling so! ~ Love you, Bobbie

  2. ouch…that bitterness will surely ake root as well if we dont do something with it or for it…and will ruin the taste of everything else in its acidity…really tight opening stanza and emotive…and i think we can all relate on some level….umm…i have green eyes so if i did something…smiles…just let me know…

    • ha ha, do you really?! Well fortunately I can’t tell that from your pic so it must just be a coincidence… Or is it??! No, I was talking about my own envious eyes, your safe this time ;)) this isn’t even my OLN piece, that will rear its head later…

  3. Oh that old devil, can destroy us if we allow it to that and jealousy. It seems as if you know your own faults which is not a bad thing because once we do we can then try to change what we’re doing wrong.
    Great piece 🙂

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