I’m trying to read
but the words begin to bounce
playing truant on the page
as I attempt to pin them down
I shift a little to the left
and then to the right, and
try again

Then I notice the mischief
calling me to dance
an echo in my aura
I shut out its song
place restless fingers
in my listening ears
and turn the page
skim a few lines in search
of the juicy bits of the tale

And again my mind trails off
to some place just beyond my horizon
and after a while I find myself
making shadow puppets for fun
rabbit, fox, bird in flight
each play before me
alive in the evening light

But back to the book
where was I?
chapter seven, he said, she said
and I’m there, in character
until a thought floats by my eye
inspired at the scene surrounding
I wonder if I should take up Bikram
step out to worship the dawn
it would help me focus
find my centre and keep me on track
maybe tomorrow, but first
I really should finish this book


8 responses to “Procrastination

  1. You’re too young to have been afflicted already, but it sounds like a senior moment to me! LOL!! It happens to me all the time. I go looking for my pen, and end up cleaning out the fridge……… Lovely, Vanessa.

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