Inspiring Blog Award

Yesterday I was delighted to receive word that I was being nominated for an Inspiring Blog Award by the very talented and lovely poet and author Bobbie Ward I am incredibly thankful to Bobbie, not only for inspiring me with her always beautiful, often wise and always meaningful poetry on her blog Tornadoday.  Bobbie has been a faithful supporter of my blog since the beginning and offers almost daily words of encouragment for which I will be forever grateful.

So apparently I now have to tell you 7 things about me that haven’t featured on my blog before…

Well i’m a pretty open book as much of my blog content will demonstrate so there are probably only a few dull things remaining.  I am a Twitter addict.  I have two tattoos.  I am a foodie. I bake a mean banana cake. I bake a mean Victoria Sponge.  I have a terrible memory. I’m all about generating good karma whilst keeping my integrity and sincerity intact.

And so below, in no particular order, are the list of bloggers I have nominated for this award in turn.  Please check them out if you haven’t already. 

1.  Stu McPherson, Poems of Hate & Hope – well, where to start.  From the very first time I read a poem on Stu’s blog I thought ‘Now that is modern poetry!’  Cinematic, gritty, complex (but not too complex), artistic etc etc are all words I would use to describe his work.  An incredibly intelligent and talented poet, he finds the time to critique my work in a way that is insightful and invaluable to me.

2. The very awesome and very cool Natasha Head, Tashtoo – Tash is one fine mistress of her pen, a published author with extreme poetry prowess, but also quite simply a nice nice lady.  Tash is a huge supporter of talent and shows a real committment to nurturing those who have aspirations to grow in whatever creative discipline they enjoy. I for one am very grateful to her for that.

3. Claudia Schoenfeld, JaywalkingTheMoon – Claudia inspires me for lots of reasons, but most notably for me her dedication to supporting poets such as myself with regular encouraging comments and a welcoming attitude to newcomers, giving us the confidence and ecnouragment to keep trying.  Her own poetry is always so vivid and intelligent, and I am in awe of the fact that English is not even her first language and yet she uses it more exquisitely than many, especially me!

4. Charles Mashburn, MarblesinmyPocket – Ahh lovely Charles so often inspires me with his words on his blog, his comments on mine and his general sense of peace, rationality and wisdom that always lures me back to his blog.  His words are warm and cosy and I so enjoy them.  Another blogger who is not afraid to offer positive but honest words of support and advice and I am always thankful for that.  As Charles might say, Ah-ight den!

5. Brian Miller, WaystationOne – Brian is such a keen supporter of the poetry community that I couldn’t not include him in this nomination!  He can be uplifting, entertaining, welcoming and moving and he often seems to appear in cyber space to offer uplifting words at just the right time!  But more than that, his poetry is always flawless, heartfelt and so cleverly crafted that you can’t fail to be impressed.

6. Kellie Elmore, Magic in the Backyard – Well I will forever be in debt to the very wonderful Kellie Elmore!!!  She kind of started all of this for me, or at least kept me going and encouraged me to believe that maybe, just maybe, I could be good at this.  So much more than someone I cherish as a warm and supportive cheerleader to me, Kellie is one smart lady.  Innovative both in terms of her words but also her general creativity across social media, photography and so much more.  Her blog provides soooooo much inspiration and I visit very often and always come away having learnt something or been inspired.

7. Aaron Kent, TwoInformalFeet – Let me tell you why Aaron inspires me with his blog… he is so open and prepared to completely bare his creative soul and I can only admire that.  He is young, ambitious, talented and keen to spread the word about how fantastic poetry is to anyone who will listen. Also somebody I consider an innovator, Aaron regularly pushes his limits by experimenting with audio, artwork, public performances and more.  Impressive and brave!

So that’s it!  There are so many more of you who have tirelessly encouraged and supported me and whose blogs I have also found enjoyable, useful, informative and more, but sadly I could only choose 7.  But for those I couldn’t mention, you know who you are, I have tried to tell you though comment exchanges, just how much I value you and what you do so a big thanks to you too!


8 responses to “Inspiring Blog Award

  1. why thank you ma’am i am honored to be on your list…and congrats to you as well…and i am wondering at banana cake now too you know…i have had pie

  2. nice…and wondering if banana cake and banana bread is the same…my daughter bakes a mean banana bread (australian recipe)..thanks so much for including me in that list and great having you around at dVerse vanessa

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