Unsung Song

pull me close
don’t let me disappear
for at dark times it seems
I have no purpose here

lives around me move along
and here I’m trapped in unsung song
wrap your arms in python style
feel my frame shrink as we lay a while
will you my anchor be the one
to save me as I come undone
I close my eyes and curl up tight
and hope you’ll bring me to the light


7 responses to “Unsung Song

  1. Not sure why I decided to visit today, but this piece may have been spirit-texting me. Such a lovely sentiment, well written and slides right into my heart. Perfect poem in perfect time for this re-invigorated poet guy, Vanessa! 🙂
    ~ j

    • It happens that way sometimes doesn’t it? Yes, hopefully it was a bit of spiritual action, but either way, if the timing was perfect then that’s the most important thing. I’m so happy you were able to connect with it today. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts on it, this poet gal very much appreciates it !-)

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