Most Popular Poems…

So I have been having a little look at my stats and thought I would do a run down of the most popular pieces of poetry on my blog so far.  If you see a title you don’t think you have looked at, please click the link and take a peek as you can be sure they have proved popular with others. if you have read these and want to see more then have a mooch about in the Poetry category.  If you have seen these and enjoyed them, why not take another look and remind yourself why?!

Like a Top of the Pops for poetry if you will… Hope that’s helpful!

1. Soundtrack to Someday

2. Uncovering Eden

3. The Impatience of Wanting More

4. Evensong in Shadow

5. Serenade of the Unrequited

6. Unpacking my Briefcase

7. Carousel of Irony

8. Rhythm of Enchantment

9. Walking in your Darkness

10. Sea in Silver


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