Calling All Poetry Fans – help needed!

Well word is back from the publishers about a poetry collection I submitted a month or so ago.  As with any aspirational tale, there is good news and there is bad news.  The bad news is that my collection won’t make it into print this time, the good news is that the publishers have told me that they think my poetry ‘is indeed very good’ and that they ‘especially enjoyed the concept’ and all that remains, they say, is for me to build on the foundations and polish it some more.

And that is where you come in my friends.  I am looking for a small number of poetry fans and/or poets to take a look at a my manuscript and offer some constructive feedback.  Would any of you be willing?   The collection is very very important to me but not because of achieving high book sales or boosting my writers ego (I have one of course!). No, this is a personal and sentimental collection and is about me finding my voice and having it heard and validated.  It is close to my heart, and that is why I need to let it live in your heart for a little while so that I can step outside of it and see what it does for you.  I also want to brush up my technique and I know there are some master technicians amongst you who would be able to offer some invaluable tips on form and style.

Now I know that this is a big ask, and I know that it can be difficult to give honest feedback sometimes, but I want to be sensible and rational about it, I want to grow, I want to improve and so I need to hear the good and the bad so I am sincerely asking for your help. 

Should the redraft make it into print, I promise I will give those who participate a free copy!  Not much reward I know but my words are all I have to give at the moment.  Hopefully regular followers of this blog and my Twitter feed will know that I am often one to spread good karma and advocate and enable others… now I am asking for a little karma to make its way back to me.  I thank you.


2 responses to “Calling All Poetry Fans – help needed!

  1. Dearest Vanessa, although as a general rule, my plate is beyond full……I’ll be happy to help as long as you don’t give me 400 pages and say you need to hear back by Saturday! Realistic is relative. I will always find something good because it’s what I do…….and have a difficult time being negative (again…it’s what I do) but if I see obvious things, I’ll tell you or if I see things that could be better, I’ll tell you……. 🙂 Good enough? Love, Bobbie

    • More than good enough and more than I can expect of anyone so thank you. That would be perfect Bobbie, I do know that it is a big ask and no I don’t have 400 pages or a deadline so no hurry. You don’t have to love it, you don’t have to hate it, just hopefully enjoy it a little (consider it a preview) and in parts where you didn’t think it reached its potential, help me understand why so I can make it better. Now how to get email address to you? Do you know? Did I submit mine to you when I signed up for your blog? I guess you could sign up for my blog by email too using the box on the right and I will delete it after?

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