Do You See What I See?

It’s all aliens and new worlds over at dVerse Poets for Meet the Bar tonight. So this is my spin on the prompt…


Lately I’ve taken to hiding from them
Sitting here bathed in blue
only the light of the night
to protect me from their laser vision

They tread deliberately amidst the others
walking on webbed feet
trinkets and trophies of the hunted
sit in circles at their throats

Forked tongues slice the air
in search of the putrid scent
of imperfection, noses upturned
so as not to catch their own stench

Stalking most often in packs
yet one always leads the charge
raising a cat call that echoes
reverberating through muted ears

Marsupial ears that hear everything
but understand little of the words they twist
like steel corkscrews that emerge with
new meaning, a foreign language

It’s the eyes that shine from those alien faces
they see through me like an X-ray
and have the glint of fresh razor blades
when fully focused and set on target

I rarely see them coming, masters of disguise
they walk, talk, even dress just like me
their uniform of everyday, until the mask slips
the crawling flesh of my tormentor exposed

And I realise that the bullies are everywhere…


26 responses to “Do You See What I See?

  1. What a way to see the haters amongst us. I understand that you are using bullies in our world, but this also works well as a sci-fi description of a different world where strange hunters hunt humans or something. It’s fun to think of the possibilities. The description of the hunters is chilling, and you make them very very believable. I enjoyed reading it and I am grateful you decided to drop by today. Thank you!

    • It was good fun. I often look around at the things people say and do and think, how the hell did I get here? Am I the only one here who thinks this behaviour is inhumane? And it often is literally like sitting with aliens who make no sense at all to me so it seemed like a great fit!

  2. I agree with you, bullying is alien. It is something that didn’t ought to exist and yet, does and, sadly, always will. There are bullies in all walks of life too. From politicians down to little school kids. I love how you interpreted them as being alien because their behaviour certainly is!
    Great writing!

  3. very very well written about a subject close to my heart as I have a grandson that was the victim of bullying. After multiple attempts to resolve the issue with parents, staff and the boys themselves, mmy grandson just cold cocked the bully one day and turned and walked away the bully left him alone after that . not that I condone violence but… anywayI love the alien bent truly gave a bit of twist there. thank you for sharing

  4. ugh really nice spin on this…there are monsters out there you know…and they are just waiting…i hate bullies…i know that something happened to make them this way…but this takes me places best forgot…and gets me riled up….

    sorry i am so late…was in an audit yesterday and off line all day…

  5. Very clear pictures drawn in this–and the sense of being alien amongst others as well as they being so far out of sync with what you so rightly perceive as humane and caring behaviour. I especially like the opening stanza–bathed in blue–and the trophies, the physical descriptions, all make for a very realistic, fear-inducing read. An excellent take on this prompt, and a lot of truth in it, unfortunately.

  6. Love this!
    It’s an extremely good metaphor for those awful bullies that seem to pop up at all times of our lives. Plus… I’m all scared now of an alien attack. 🙂

  7. Never expected the ending. I was in that scary world you created. I guess our world can be pretty scary too. Nice write. I enjoyed this.

  8. I knew you were describing something very sinister and “smarmy” and then the ending spelled it out..bullies. Yes, truly they are alien.. Really enjoyed this.

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