Hello everyone, thanks for picking up this post. Just wanted to let you know that I have some fantastic new features coming up on my blog. In addition to regular poetry and prose, I have two exciting interviews due, firstly with best selling novelist Tony Parsons, and secondly with Tom Chalmers, managing director of UK publishing house Legend Press.

What’s more I am also introducing some general lifestyle features to the blog. They will mostly consist of entertaining musings on everything from exercise, to anti ageing, beauty and other (hopefully) amusing little anecdotes and life observations so please do check in from time to time to find out more.

I realised that I write lots of content in different styles for other writing work I do, and should really be making use of that material here too! The new features will be posted into the FEATURES tab on the top menu. I will also be adding new titles to my book club soon.

So happy reading! Keep sharing, keep following, keep commenting. Thanks.


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