Holding Back the Years

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Sorry but the first of my new features is probably more likely to be one for the ladies… and perhaps a handful of very vain men (sound familiar fellas?!), but i promise to include a little something for everybody as time goes on. A very exciting package of anti ageing products arrived through my letterbox recently, each promising to tighten, lighten, lift and shift every hint of my advancing years. Eager to see the benefits and relive my more glorious days I tore open the packaging with my teeth and rummaged through the instructions. Ah, oh dear. Achieving the perfectly peachy complexion is not as easy as I thought. One product goes under my foundation, the other goes on with my moisturiser if I’m not wearing foundation (not likely), or over my foundation if I am wearing any, and the last one goes under my eyes but over my foundation. Still following me? No? And that wasn’t even the science bit.

Given that I am the kind of woman who doesn’t like to do anything by half, I decide to slap all three on at once. I started with No7 Airbrush Away, rubbing it in with the vigour of Aladdin caressing his magic lamp. Unsure if my first wish has been granted or not, I move on to dabbing some Yves Saint Laurent Touché Éclat under my eyes to hide those betraying signs of too many sleepless nights caring for young children. My foundation goes on next and then comes the product I’m most excited about, the tube of Nanoblur that promises to make me look 10 years younger in 40 seconds (yes, really!). And finally, I finish up with mascara, blusher and lipstick and my work here is done! 40 seconds later I’m casting an inquisitive eye over my fine lines, enlarged pores, saggy bits and shadows with the intensity of a forensic scientist at a crime scene.

So did the anti ageing Genie grant my wishes I hear you ask, do I really look 10 years younger without seeing the sharp end of a scalpel? Truth is I don’t know, I have so many layers of camouflage on my face I can’t remember what I looked like before! Tomorrow I’ll just try one product at a time….


7 responses to “Holding Back the Years

  1. hahah! funny! what a great read for the morning!
    You have a very beautiful blog, I really like your eye for image and simplicity.

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