Einfühlung ~ feeling into














If I were to wrap my hands around your heart

I would anticipate each beat

feel it’s melody play out softly

piano keys ‘neath my nimble fingers


If I were to read the etchings on your face

trace the story lines behind your tired eyes

silent words would dance before me

shadow puppets reflected on a white wall


If I were to cradle your moon soaked tears

as you wept a waterfall on my shoulder

I would understand why they cannot dry

without the breeze of whispered comforts


For my gift to you is Einfühlung

contained within a ribbon tied box

small enough to fit in your pocket

but not so big you’d get lost inside


So when those weary moments

leave you choking on the cherry stones

the sweetness of their flesh turned sour

let me see inside your soul and love you anyway




Written in response to Kellie Elmore’s Free Write Friday prompt ‘Empathy’. For this piece, I chose the German word ‘Einfühlung’ which translates into English as ‘feeling into’.  For more information please click on the link Einfühlung/Empathy


9 responses to “Einfühlung ~ feeling into

  1. oh. my. god. “let me see inside your soul and love you anyway” you just gave me goosebumps! I LOVE THAT! I cannot even express to you just how beautifully written I think this is. I was captivated by every line. Wonderful job, Vanessa and thank you for posting it to FWF!

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